Borgo dei Gatti


Borgo dei Gatti 6 vertBorgo dei Gatti 6

The village of Golferenzo, in the area of Oltrepò Pavese, becomes a scattered hotel dedicated to well-being and relaxation. The Adàsi spa bears Starpool’s signature and will be inaugurated on 2nd February 2024.

A village surrounded by vineyards, stone houses and cobbled streets, where to enjoy the present. This is the place of birth of Il Borgo dei Gatti, a redevelopment project that brings back forgotten sensations and allows you to regenerate through experiences, food and well-being.
It is in this framework that Starpool designed and realised the new Adàsi spa: an ode to slowness as opposed to the frantic rhythms of daily life, cutting-edge wellness solutions that merge with traditional memories and materials, thus creating unique environments and experiences.

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