Shaping your business model

If you have a clear idea about the business model of the spa tha you want to realise, we can help you to implement it in your Wellness project, starting from a careful analysis of your available spaces.

To guide you into the research of the best solution, we will need as much information as possible on your business model: the identity that you want for your spa, if you are oriented towards a social dimension or rather, a private one, indoor or outdoor; the features of your ideal client and their requirements; your investment plan; which services you want to offer your guests, with what rituals and at what price; information on the management of staff.

The more information we receive, the easier it will be to identify the ideal project for your facility.


What we will do for you

  1. Zoning: we will develop the functional concept of your Wellness project on the basis of your requirements, dividing the available spaces in the areas that are necessary for the development.
  2. Detailed Layout: we will provide a plan of the project, to present the layout of the spaces (for example, where the reception, wet area, pool, relaxation area, changing rooms, beauty area, technical compartments and passage ways will be located), with the relevant proportions and the areas destined to the duly separated passage of guests and operators.
  3. 3-D view of the project: you may request a 3D presentation, to analyse the project from different perspectives; or request a photorealistic rendering of the project itself. In this case, we will need to work hand-in-hand with the reference architect or interior designer, to ensure to be perfectly aligned with your specific requirements.