Health Lab Innovation for medical centres

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Our Health Lab is a special interpreter of the newly found awareness about prevention and healthy lifestyle, brought about in the life of each individual thanks to an ever-increasing focus on self-care. It is an innovative concept promoting health and holistic well-being, through the reactivation of the natural health potential, and by supporting the management of environmental stress.

It is an effective service that meets the health needs of your patients and that can be shaped according to the various requirements of your facility.

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Therapeutic program

You’ll be able to improve your offer of health services, relying on the competence of an expert doctor specialising in anti-ageing and longevity medicine and of a dietician, who combine scientifically-validated methods and cutting-edge products in bespoke therapeutic programs that provide extraordinarily effective solutions. The following values are measured during the therapeutic program:

– the body’s level of oxidative stress;
– the body’s natural ability to defend itself;
– the body composition, in order to identify the health risk associated to the analysed parameters.

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The scientific assumptions underlying the therapeutic program are mainly supported by:

– Total Body Photobiomodulation
Dry Float Therapy
– Inhalation of molecular hydrogen
– Synchronisation of brain rhythms

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