Calm Oil

Oil 2

Lemon balm, lavender and sweet orange essential oils to inhale in the steam bath or in the sauna.


An elegant synergy of 100% natural and food-grade essential oils for pleasant and long-lasting aromatherapy with multiple benefits. Sweet orange and lavender relax mind and body entailing an overall detoxifying and purifying action that enhances the benefits of the sauna or steam bath. Lemon balm counteracts emotional tension, states of anxiety and stress, with a pleasant action that promotes good sleep-wake balance.

A formula specifically designed by MEI – Migliori Erbe Italiane, i.e. the best Italian herbs, using only top quality vegetable raw materials, with an excellent and environmentally sustainable production cycle, in line with the high quality standards of Starpool products and wellness solutions.


Method of use

Calm Oil should be used inside the steam bath or Finnish sauna for a relaxing effect and to fight nervous tensions.
Just dilute a few drops in the provided diffusers. You may also rub it on your temples, or add it to your herbal tea or to a glass of fresh water (max. 2 drop in a glass of water/herbal tea)



Ingredients: Blend of essential oils of: Sweet Orange, Melissa, Lavender; Lecithin, Tocopherol, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Citric Acid.

Further specifications

Ml.: 10 ml / 0.3 fl oz e
Lot: I153
Exp.: 06/2025

Produced by:

Starpool by MEI – le Migliori Erbe Italiane since 1988
MEI Srl |Treviso | made in Italy

Waste disposal:

Waste sorting
Bottle                                GL 72 GLASS
Dropper                        C/GL95 GLASS
Label                             PP 05 PLASTICS
Check the provisions of your local authority.