Boutique Hotel Portrait Milano

An oasis of peace in the Milan fashion district, in the framework of the former Archiepiscopal seminary of Milan: it is in this very context that the Longevity Group – including also The Longevity Suite, the most advanced European network of Biohacking & Antiageing City Clinic – opened its first The Longevity SPA in Milan at Boutique Hotel Portrait Milano, an international high-profile destination. An innovative and ambitious project with the partnership of us from Starpool, The Longevity Suite and Technogym.

The Longevity Spa has a surface of 700 square metres featuring a spa, gym and pool with an entirely Made-in-Italy concept. Architect Michele Bonan cured the interior design of the hotel and of the wet area of the spa, taking inspiration from the sixteenth-century origin of the building and its taste. The wellness and fitness area, on the other hand, is enhanced by contrasting neutral colours and precious and discreet raw materials, telling in turn the story of relaxation and wellness that The Longevity Spa wants to represent.

The solutions by Starpool at The Longevity SPA

Among the offered SPA innovations, in addition to the distinctive protocols of the cutting-edge portfolio by Longevity, we can find a treatment based on Biohacking techniques, one of the pillars of the brand philosophy, designed to positively hack the human biological system to reduce inflammation and delay the ageing process. The program is called Mind & Body Biohacking and it includes the Dry Float Therapy with our Zerobody Dry Float, to allow body and mind to recover energy in an easy and versatile way.

In this area, it is also possible to enjoy a reinvigorating and toning ritual thanks to the Shower One featuring Cold Breeze: the multi-function showerhead with adjustable temperature, plays of light and exclusive fragrances completed with a gentle spray of mint-scented cold water. The Wellness Concept by Starpool is also represented in the wet area, a majestic environment where guests can relax and dive into exclusive well-being thanks to the steam bath and Finnish sauna of the Classic Collection.