Molecular Hydrogen Booster Instructions for use

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Start by hydrating well: drink about 5 cl of water, tea or herbal tea to prepare yor body for the treatment.



  • turn on the device and insert the extremity of the nasal cannula into the specific spot next to the glass bottle containing the distilled water;
  • hold the “start” button for a few seconds;
  • set the duration according to the selected program;
  • sit on the platform of Zerobody Dry Float;
  • place the nasal cannula inside your nostrils and secure the tube around your head using the specific ring;
  • set the program of use of Zerobody Dry Float according to its specific instructions of use.


It’s time to begin: normally breathe in the molecular hydrogen while you experience your Dry Float Therapy session.


Once the session is over, the platform will come back up; keep lying down for a few seconds to make the most of the regenerating effect of the program, then get back up without haste.