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Salone del Mobile 2022 – scheduled for 7th to 12th June 2022 – will be a new starting point for us here at Starpool. Over the last few years, we have taken time to rest, think and focus to ensure that our evolution goes hand in hand with that of the market. We want to make wellness a more accessible and sustainable daily achievement, for we all want to feel good.

We revolve around individuals and their health with products, services and methods that originate from tradition and are perfected through innovation. Combined, they show all the art they are capable of. Complete and functional wellness programs, unequivocally unique, because we are all different and have different needs.

Design is in the service of well-being, shaping a new synergy between architecture, people, and nature, where the borders between the inside and the outside are ever more intangible and blurry. Thus, every place becomes the right place to treat yourself to moments of authentic well-being, even the most unexpected, be it your home or garden, the city centre, or the campsite.

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Our new products at the Salone del Mobile

We present new points of convergence between wellness and sustainable architecture, embracing contemporary, smart design that shapes products and systems that are not only environmentally but also socially and economically sustainable. Here are our new products that you’ll find at the Starpool booth.

Shade Collection 1

Shade Collection

A new Oriental-inspired collection, the last frontier of home wellness solutions, designed as a piece of home décor that seamlessly merges with all the rooms of the house. A true professional spa to be experienced every day for countless benefits on one’s psycho-physical health and well-being.

Nature Sauna personal 1

Nature Sauna personal

The Finnish sauna that combines the individual’s need to reconnect with nature with the need to take care of oneself. Nature Sauna personal stems from our experience and brings the professionalism of outdoor products to your doorstep, with an ideal solution for home use.

Zerobody Personal 1

Zerobody personal

Great news for your well-being. At last, all the benefits of floatation, internationally recognised as one of the most effective antidotes to stress, are at your doorstep. We present it in a “smart” version for home use, able to turn into a furnishing and design piece.

Why visit us?

Today, people seek to reconnect with their inner self and with nature, reclaiming slow, quality time and rediscovering psycho-physical balance through new sensory experiences. At Salone del Mobile 2022, we will present solutions that meet this need, catering for everyone’s new requirements and desires.

Where can you find us? Hall 15 S.Project, Booth G16 G18

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