Cold Water Blade

A unique sensory experience that combines the power of water to the effectiveness of a natural masssage. Cold Water Blade regenerates body and mind through an energetic water jet with a toning effect.

It is one of the ideal cold reactions to combine with the dry heat of the Finnish sauna, thanks to its cold, waterfall-like jet.

Cold Water Blade 2 Cold Water Blade 2
Cold Water Blade 1 Cold Water Blade 1

Technical specifications

In this section, you will learn more about product details, display the coverings and download the technical documents available.

  • Data sheet

Data sheet


Mixer tap*
The jet is timed according to the mixer. Recommended time: 30 seconds

*Not included in the supply


Wall-mounted at a height of 210cm
Polished stainless-steel finish

Water consumption

22 lt/min

Water temperature

It corresponds to the cold water supply; recommended temperature: 8-15 °C



Energy consumption

100 W