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Sweet Mediterranean Pro

With SweetMediterraneanPro the ancient rituals of the hot baths are revived to modern standards. Its modular system, selected coatings, innovative technologies and patented techniques allow SweetMediterraneanPro to offer an alternative to the intense heat of sauna and steam bath, with a soft, enveloping and tender warmth thanks to its patented system of radiating walls.

Design: Cristiano Mino

Data sheet Catalogue
  • Data sheet
  • External dimensions available (cm)

    195L X 195P X 233H
    285L X 195P X 233H
    285L X 285P X 233H
    375L X 195P X 233H
    375L X 285P X 233H
    375L X 375P X 233H

    *the glazed front of the Vision version
    can measure up to a maximum of 285 cm

  • Voltage

    400 VAC 3P+N+PE

  • Max consumption in kw

    7,2 – 9,7

  • Temperature

    45 – 50°C

  • Relative humidity

    55 – 65%

  • Heating

    Wall radiation and convection from electrical stove (with automatic introduction of aroma)

  • Lighting

    RGB LED bar (on the ceiling and behind the seating)

  • Music kit

    Integrated music kit with present selection of Spa Music by Starpool and audio MP3 player, optional Bluetooth technology.

  • Seating / stove cover

    Solid surface

  • Frame / door

    Door in tempered crystal, thk. 10 mm.
    Door width 87 cm.
    Handle: steel / steel

  • Fittings
  • Crystal white

    Walls of white back-painted crystal
    seating in white solid surface

  • Crystal black

    Walls of black back-painted crystal
    seating in black solid surface

  • Luxury Calacatta

    Walls of Calacatta marble
    seating in white solid surface

  • Luxury Eramosa

    Walls of Eramosa marble
    seating in black solid surface

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