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Design is all about combining the aesthetics of a product and its function. This has been Starpool’s mission for 45 years. Our products are always developed based on their functional analysis; form, aesthetics and materials are designed, tested and then selected to facilitate function, usage, performance, sanitization and durability of the product over time.

Specifically, the products are realized in smooth and closed-cell materials, such as Solid Surface, glass, or stoneware, characterized by low porosity on the surface, which limits the proliferation of bacteria and ensures easy sanitization.

The size of the coatings is also very important. The chosen materials are mostly used in large slabs, to realize entire walls where possible. This allows to greatly reduce the linear meters of grouted surface in the cabin; in this way, the spaces in which the bacterial load can nest and can more easily proliferate are also reduced. The laying of the internal coatings is carried out during the production, ensuring greater reliability of the sealings over time.

The benches are suspended and detached from the walls, preventing water stagnation and facilitating the rinsing. As a result, the proliferation of bacteria, germs and viruses is limited. The number of showerheads and their position inside the cabin are organized so as to facilitate the rinsing by the user.
The steam diffuser inside the cabin is designed to perform 6 air exchanges per hour, ensuring oxygenation inside the cabin in the social areas, and the supply of fresh and clean air and extraction of stale air for social cabins.

Some ideal and important features regarding hygiene: the walls are smooth, non-porous and present a grouted surface of less than 2%, and therefore easy to sanitize. The headshowers, which can be found in multiple spots, ensure an easy, effective and thorough rinsing. The water puller allows fast drying. The suspended benches, characterized by few supports, facilitate the sanitization of the floor.
The new software “DeepClean”, developed by the R&D department, ensures the elimination of bacteria up to 97,4% through programmable automated cycles of thermic shock. This software can be used in saunas, soft saunas, combis and steam baths.

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