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Starpool’s goal and raison d’être is to be the Company of excellence in the Wellness and SPA world, offering unique products and services, and making each Client an ambassador of the Starpool Wellness Concept.
For this reason, we aim to design and manufacture wellness equipment that best meets the requirements set by our Clients, so as to fulfill their idea of Expected Value through the thorough understanding of their needs.

Within Starpool, every Employee is made aware of the Company objectives, and must therefore work for these to be achieved.

It must be clear to every Employee that Starpool’s success depends on everyone, directly or indirectly involved.
Moreover, team work – oriented to the attention to details and to the increased perception of value from the client – is of utmost importance.
Starpool’s Board of Directors is committed to making the objectives clear and shared, in that they can, over time, become tangible results.
Specifically, the Company intends to:
-offer continuous training to its employees, so as to improve their competence and set of skills;
-invest in the Research & Development of products and in the continuous improvement of the manufacturing processes, to allow for the products’ easier installation and greater reliability, and to enhance the end Client’s perception of value;
-technically cooperate with the suppliers, in order to develop new technologies and products with them;
-define Department and Company goals divided in SPA Activities; guarantee the verifiability and measurability of the set objectives, in order to evaluate the achieved results;
– make sure that all the procedures compiled along with each company department are known and complied with, for a correct and orderly work activity;
– ensure that what is established in this Policy is periodically reviewed, in order to always take new actions aimed at the company improvement.

Ziano di Fiemme, 30th July 2019
Riccardo Turri

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