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Terme di Boario

Darfio Boario Terme

The Terme di Boario Spa Park Resort is a place where you can regenerate your body and mind: a dimension where the multiple facets of water – vital element – allow us to gain balance and wellness in a beneficial process of regeneration. In Boario, spa waters spring out of the earth after having flowed through the rocks of Monte Altissimo for over 15 years, which is the time necessary for water to get progressively purified and enriched with minerals and elements essential to the human body. Hot springs provide ideal solutions to those wishing to improve their health and quality of life in a natural way, the best way to release tension, tone up and detoxify the body, while enjoying the necessary breaks from modern-life rhythms and seizing the chance to ‘keep fit & maintain the shape’ in harmony with the landscape.

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