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Terme Saint Vincent

Saint Vincent

This story, which began over 240 years ago, is now moving towards the future. A place where one can experience wellness and relaxation, besides the traditional hydroponic and inhalation treatments. This terrace, which is dedicated to wellness, is located in one of the most mundane small towns of the Val d’Aosta region. Its aim is to become one of the most complete thermal complexes, offering a 360° wellness program which forecasts the opening of a modern wellness center adjoining the current thermal area. The “Social Spa”, created by Starpool, is equipped with a steam bath, three different types of saunas, including the new Mediterranean Sauna, emotional showers, and an ice cascade. As an alternative to the “Social Spa”, there will be a series of personalized trails to choose from. As for the three different “Suite Private” covering a 135 square meter surface, the general tone will be defined by elegance, comfort and quality treatment. Thanks to unique products such as Sweet Spa and Sweet Sauna, the guests have a pleasurable access to a complete wellness space where they can indulge in their own desires and undertake in total privacy, with thermally equipped trails offering heat, colored light, music and fragrance.

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