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Sweet Sauna Infrared

SweetSauna Infrared is a particularly effective, safe and localized heat treatment. The ceramic lamps, filled with lava sand, and the low-temperature infrared technique release heat through the ergonomic seating to heat the body from within. Special sensors in the SensoCare® technology backrests constantly monitor the skin temperature and release heat, adjusting its intensity according to the relevant values.

Design: Cristiano Mino

Infrared technology powered by PHYSIOTHERM

Data sheet Catalogue
  • Data sheet
  • External dimensions with remote technical space with panel (cm)

    150L X 150P X 231H

  • Voltage

    230 VAC 1P+N+PE

  • Max consumption in KW


  • Technical specification

    Infrared sauna

  • Temperature

    35 – 40°C

  • Relative humidity


  • Heating

    Infrared lamps

  • Lighting

    RGB LED bar

  • Music kit

    Integrated music kit with present selection of Spa Music by Starpool and audio MP3 player, optional Bluetooth tecnology

  • Seating / ceiling / flooring

    Thermowood oak

  • Aroma

    Integrated retractable diffuser with 4 different perfumes

  • Door

    Door in tempered crystal, thk. 10 mm.
    Door width 131 cm.
    Handle: steel / wood

  • Fittings
  • Cortina
    Sweet -cortina

    Walls of natural oak slats with sawn surface

  • Milano
    Sweet -Milano

    Walls of natural brushed oak slats and Thermowood oak

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