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Hygiene and healthiness are essential to guarantee a 360 ° wellness experience. We must not forget that spas, as well as swimming pools and gyms, should be cleaned with special attention and have health needs related to the sharing of equipment and spaces.
We offer a complete range of tested and certified products according to the medical-surgical parameters, combined with simple and effective usage protocols, specific for each material of which a modern wellness center is composed. They grant a deep and effective cleansing in a sanitized environment, allowing the correct maintenance of the equipment prolonging the life cycle.

Available products:
– Sanitizer for stoneware and ceramics
– Sanitizer for untreated wood and stone coverings
– Sanitizer for glass, resins, tubs and whirlpools
– Sanitizer for stainless steel
– Antifungal sanitizer
– Virucid Disinfectant

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