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Hockey Club Bolzano aims at athlete’s mental and physical well-being with the new Performance Center: a cutting-edge format that combines innovative scientific protocols and state-of-the-art equipment to improve athletes’ recovery and improve their performance on the rink.

The Performance Center

Psycho-physical well-being as the basis of athletic performance, regeneration and recovery are more and more widespread concepts in the world of sports.

The HCB Alto Adige Alperia, one of the top teams in Italian hockey and key player in the ICE Hockey League, relied on Starpool’s experience and on the support of Doctor Christian Thuile for the creation of the new Performance Center. An innovative space of over 200 sqm inside the Palaonda in Bolzano where, after training and matches, players of the A team can restore their correct physiological and biological values, recovering and, above all, improving their strength.

Use and benefits

The Performance Center displays an innovative format, dedicated to athletes’ recovery and to performance enhancement. Wellness traditional benefits – in particular the ones deriving from the high temperatures of the sauna, combine with the mental and physical regeneration achieved thanks to the Dry Float Therapy on Zerobody and with the effects of cryotherapy. The collaboration between doctor Thuile and Starpool resulted in the development of special scientific protocols, specifically to guide athletes in the correct use of the equipment. In this way, players can enjoy the combined action of sauna, floatation and cryotherapy, enhancing the effects of the ancient formula of health and well-being “heat, water and rest”.

The products

The Infrared Combi Sauna realized by Starpool features both a traditional stove and infrared lamps. An innovative double system that combines the best elements of the two types of sauna in an only cabin: it stimulates peripheral circulation and has beneficial effects on the central nervous system, but, mostly, it favors a faster sports recovery thanks to the quick drainage of toxins and excessive lactate.

Zerobody, the dry float system by Starpool, is an extremely powerful technique of regeneration and relaxation that has a positive impact on the treatment of insomnia and chronical pains, as well as cognitive enhancement and physical recovery for those who train hard or are recovering from an injury. During floatation, specific brain areas are activated, stimulating a physiological reaction that is opposed to stress, with a subsequent lasting improvement of mental performance.

Lastly, cryotherapy is a fundamental ally for sports performance, because it restores the body energy while maintaining muscle tone. With a temperature of about -140° and a duration of about two minutes per session, it greatly reduces injury recovery time, as well as having anti-fatigue effects after training.

Thanks to the combination of these three products, the medical staff will be able to monitor the players’ physiological values and participate in their regenerative process. We all know that successfulness on ice depends primarily on the players’ health.

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