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The first MagBook of high quality hotellerie is the result of the partnership between a team of travel expert journalists and Starpool.

The true welcome

Booking a holiday with just one click, in a few minutes, through an international general-interest platform that gathers all categories and kinds of hotels, and maybe even get a good price: it has become increasingly difficult to give up the convenience of it, but often it may lead people to not see beyond a nice picture and an approximate, catalogue-like description.  Also, the service is completely depersonalized. Sometimes, even a brief e-mail exchange with the people who will welcome us in a hotel or, why not, with the owners, would be enough to transform that click and  make a change in our business or leisure experience.  And that welcoming part would really be a “welcome home”.

MagBook = Magazine and Booking

Hence, the idea of a team of travel expert journalists to create a “virtual place” where quality contents and “convenience” finally meet, allowing the visitor to gather information accurately before making a choice, going from being a simple reader to being a traveller.  And what’s more, the certainty of eliminating any hidden fee for the transaction destined to the intermediary, both for the customer and the hotel. This double advantage is an actual plus for the guest, who will receive specific benefits and discounts created especially for in exchange.  This project has quality as its mission, and for this reason Starpool turned out to be the perfect partner.

So, presents itself as the first and only MagBook of the luxury experience sector: an in-depth journalistic magazine entirely dedicated to high-quality hotellerie, as well as a feeless booking platform, that creates an immediate contact between the customer and the hotel, resulting in an original and parallel way of implementing targeted communication on a very precise portion of travellers.

The high-end club

How does the MagBook work? Easy. The platform homepage is divided in two parts: one for the Magazine section, and one for the Booking section. The former is dedicated to facilities selected for the quality of the service, with a presentation summarizing the pluses, style and general characteristics, completed by in-depth interviews to entrepreneurs, chefs, Spa and Golf managers for an effective and precise storytelling.  The user creates their personal profilewhen they log in for the first time, which immediately grants discounts and incentives on bookings.

Few fundamental steps to join a “product club” that offers a sense of exclusivity and loyalty to those who sign up. so aims to become the reference point for the high-end audience, caring to be always updated about the news of the hotel industry. That includes the new openings that you can’t miss, the most glamorous social events, such as golf tournaments, dinners in starred restaurants or art exhibitions that liven up both cities and leisure destinations, as well as the occasions to seize, like a remise en forme weekend with a yoga guru or a wellness expert. In this direction, the partnership with Starpool will be very appealing: thanks to its know-how, the company will be able to highlight the best wellness experiences.

Follow us and stay tuned!

“Read. Select. Book the best!”. This is the claim chosen by to take the first steps in the social word, with Instagram at the top of the list, to announce the upcoming MagBook online debut.  The audience, and in particular the club members, will be always updated on the new entries, events, proposals and unmissable travel offers by following @exclusivamentehotel, the platform profile.

Stay tuned and… is coming soon!

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