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Spa secrets: rituals, Löyly, Aufguss and the spirit of sauna

Unfortunately, who runs wellness areas often makes a common mistake – to dumb down the wellness experience to a mere passive physical “exercise”. Instead, in any spa, the ritual aspect – to be experienced with an expert master or on your own if you are in a well-equipped wellness centre – is fundamental to involve and let your guests have fun. What do you need to do? Let’s discover the Löyly and the Aufguss.

The Löyly can be interpreted as the spirit coming over you during an aufguss in a sauna. The aufguss is a particular wellness “dance” where you pour cold water, better if with drops of essential oils in it, onto the red-hot stones and address the warm air towards the guests by flapping towels, flags or fans using specific movements. The master practising the aufguss is a real master of ceremonies – in the Nordic culture, he or she has the highest power in the hierarchy among the people present in a sauna, the one who decides on the humidity rate, the duration of the ritual, the movements and the fragrances to give life to a wonderful wellness experience.

You can create your own wellness ritual if you have the proper accessories and instructions. You need an equipped SPA with hourglasses to monitor the duration, ergonomic headrests, ladles and buckets, different essential oils, hats in natural fibre and birch whisks so you can pat the skin of your back and legs to open the porosities and favour the sweating. Your wellness experience will become active, able to involve your guests into a funny and enthusiastic practise, a ritual the sauna master hands down easily. Your experience will do the rest.

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