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What are the benefits of using a steam bath?


The benefits of a steam bath are better understood if you know where this practise comes from.
Are you a passionate traveller? Have you recently been to Turkey? If you have, then you must have visited a Hammam!

Steam bath – origins

Arabians drew inspiration for their baths from the tradition of the Roman thermae, where users used to walk through different rooms in which they were exposed to heat, hot water and steam, and they eventually worked out a one-room solution in which hygienic requirements and the need for body purification were met at the same time. The Turkish bath, otherwise known as Hammam, used to fulfil the function of a true place of public bathing, as most houses did not have one at the time.

As the Roman thermae, Turkish baths have an unparalleled architecture in the world: they are large and complex buildings. The main room is the place where users are given well-known and distinctive massages on a large hexagonal marble table: it is typically a hot and wet environment, as is the case in a steam bath. Still in out days, men and women receive the treatments in separate areas. The Hammam is also a place of sharing where people can talk about their life stories while washing and purifying their body.

What are steam baths then?

Steam baths result from the application of the tradition of the Turkish bath in Western countries, although in simplified form as they are only characterised by heat and humidity nowadays. The internal temperature is warm – it is approx. 45°C – and humidity is very high, up to 98%!

The benefits of steam baths

These features help achieve benefits that are very similar to those experienced in a Hammam: the skin is renewed and becomes more homogeneous and brighter, and the skin tissues too are subject to deep cleansing. The steam bath also softens the respiratory tract and significantly helps psycho-physical relaxation.
What kind of sensations does it spur? A mist of steam, water droplets resting on the skin, scents and perfumes pervading the body through steam inhalation and a very deep sensation of purification that involves the mind as well.
How can the benefits of the steam bath be made more effective?
Products such as mechanical scrubs can be very helpful. So, what are mechanical scrubs then? Mechanical scrubs are cosmetic products consisting of either vegetable or mineral micro granules and they have either a creamy or jelly texture, or they simply come in the form of salt.
When these products are spread on the body through a massage in combination with heat and steam, the skin cleansing action becomes more effective and excellent results are achieved in terms of skin compactness, tone and hydration.

Rituals in the steam bath

The practice above enables creating true rituals in the spa, which the customer can experience with other people or privately on his/her own.
What does the ritual consist in? After having a preparatory warm shower, step into the steam bath and take a seat. Do not forget to wear your pestemal and the towel you will be given: they are required to safeguard your hygiene. As soon as the skin is further wetted by steam, massage the scrub all over the body, excluding the face. You will receive the scrub product from the spa operators after they have prepared it for you. Sit in the steam bath for 12 to 15 minutes, then step out and have a warm shower to remove any residual product, followed by a cold shower to trigger the necessary reaction to heat. Lay down and relax: sip a herb tea or a hot infusion.
After the ritual, you will have undoubtedly absorbed all the benefits that this extraordinary product can give and offer you: the sensation of cleanliness and purification you feel after this kind of experience is definitely unrivalled.

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