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Scent in the spa

Scent and breathing are closely intertwined. In fact, many believe that olfaction is the most powerful and emotional of all senses.
So why not use it in your wellness experience? If stimulated in the SPA, it can transform a simple wellness program into an unforgettable moment in people’s mind and heart.

Olfaction allows you to travel through new inner worlds, it creates unique memories. It allows you to live an actual emotional experience. The fragrances and scents in a SPA enhance and define the uniqueness of each space.
Constantly checked and performing air recirculation systems, as well as cabins equipped with sophisticated scent diffusion systems are very helpful in making the most of this experience.
Fragrances, characterized by an excellent composition of ingredients and by the use of refined and certified essential oils, will make the wellness experience a unique and unforgettable moment – and even more so, thanks to the possibility to create new combinations of scents.

It is possible to customize the frangrances, or simply change them according to the season, to specific occasions or to the organization of special events. We’re spoilt for choice: eucalyptus and cold mint, lavander and lemon, camomile and English rose, Passion Fruit and Scots pine, orange and green apple. There is a wide range of options that will make your offer new, fresh and inspiring.

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