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Summer comes and charges everyone with new found energy. Days are long, we can get rid of warm clothes, temperatures are hot and the sun allows our skin to regenerate. At the same time, we naturally look for a touch of freshness to add to our every-day life and we enjoy cold dishes, juice extracts, ice creams and flavored water.

Why not add a fragrance? Lemon essence is indeed the most representative of the warmest periods of the year, offering a feeling of relief that involves a very important sense: smell. Lemon essence is not the same as juice; it is extracted from the peel by pressing or distillation through a specific solvent.

Oli essenziali per la spa

How and where to use lemon essence

The easiest way to use lemon essence is through a diffuser, something that we all have at home. It is sufficient to add some drops of essence to the water and thanks to the heat of the fire, or to its generator, the deed is done.
Those who have a sauna or a steam bath at home, or run a spa, we recommend theming the rest area. Lemon essence is perfect to be diluted in the water that is poured on the hot stones in the Finnish sauna, or diffused by the generator together with the steam in the steam bath.
In the beauty areas, lemon essence can be used in these months as a plus on massage beds that have their specific fragrance holder.  In cosmetics, it goes very well with lotions, creams, oils or balm.
It is also excellent to add while taking a bath in the tub.

Oli essenziali per la spa

What are the benefits of lemon essence?

Through the sense of smell, lemon essence has antibacterial and antiviral effects, it strengthens the nervous system, it favors focus and improves state of mind. On our skin, it has astringent and antioxidant effects, as well as being refreshing and lightening.

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Oli essenziali per la spa

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