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The first Italian hotel group of bioactive resorts, a reference for the world’s golfers, founded in 2011 by the managers Daniela Righi and Alessandro Vadagnini. Now, it has chosen Starpool to create a new hospitality concept focusing on the well-being and regeneration of athletes and green enthusiasts.

Golf and Wellness

Golf and wellness play a central role in the MIRA holiday. Golf is focus, sensitivity, physical and mental stamina: almost an active meditation on a green course. Thanks to Starpool, both athletes and enthusiasts can regenerate body and mind for the perfect swing on the playing field.

“Here at Starpool, we have taken care of people’s well-being for over 40 years. We are proud to have been chosen by MIRA Hotels to define the wellness offer of their facilities. We are delighted to offer the guests full psycho-physical regeneration with our Zerobody” – explains Riccardo Turri, Starpool CEO.

“Starpool was the perfectly natural choice, dictated by the complete synergy between the values of MIRA Hotels and those of the company – which , just like our resorts, is completely dedicated to wellness and personal care – confirms Daniela Righi, MIRA Hotels & Resorts CEO. – In particular, the decision to offer Zerobody inside our facilities comes from our will to create an innovative offer for athletes, among others. A few minutes on Zerobody can regenerate body and mind: wellness exactly as we like it”.

Mira hotels and resorts between Golf and Wellness

From this summer on, the regenerating power of Zerobody enters the Mira Acaya Golf Resort & SPA, hotel with a 1.200 sqm wellness center in the heart of Salento, next to the Cesine natural oasis.

The now 5-star hotel Mira Borgo di Luce I Monasteri in Siracusa, a former Benedictine monastery rising among citrus plantations and prickly pears, will also feature Zerobody. And that’s not it: here, it will also be possible to find the Nuvola Experience products by Starpool, a concept that has revolutionized the traditional beauty treatment thanks to the float therapy.

Last but not least, the Mira Riva Toscana Golf Resort & Spa, a farmhouse in Tuscany, overlooking the gulf of Follonica between the hills and the Tyrrhenian Sea, featuring a chemical-free 6.475 sqm golf course, 72 pars and 18 holes, will offer the benefits of Zerobody – and not only – starting in autumn 2021. The whole wellness area will be signed by Starpool and will include a sauna, a steam bath, Walking Kneipp, emotional showers, ice fall and relaxation area: a heap of design, technology and ancient wellness traditions at the guests’ disposal.

Starpool will also sponsor the competition Pro Am MIRA Hotels & Resorts 2021, included in the categories Ladies & Senior of the Professional Golfers’ Association of Italy National Championships. The company will support the match on the 6th-7th December and the final on the 8th, which will take place in the facility I Monasteri.

The benefits of Zerobody for the world of golf

Stress management: dry floatation on Zerobody reduces the stress and favors the management of emotions, especially during the athletic preparation, when tension can have a negative impact on performance. Zerobody activates specific brain areas, promoting a physiological response of psycho-physical regeneration: while the body relaxes, the mind drifts away from negative thoughts, favoring the focus on the final goal.

Mental focus: if combined with mindfulness and breathing exercises, dry floatation helps the performance of visualization techniques, often used by golfers to create vivid and precise images of the phases of the game which serve as excellent references for the subconscious mind.

Sleep and rest: Zerobody favors the reduction of adrenaline levels, promoting better quality of sleep – a critical element for the golfer’s well-being, especially before and after the match. Floatation – particularly if it becomes a regular experience – reduces the necessary time to fall asleep and ensures a greater amount of deep and restful sleep.

Psycho-physical stamina and fatigue recovery: floatation favors a faster and more effective muscle recovery thanks to the benefits to the lymphatic and venous circulation and the drainage of accumulated lactate. If combined with breathing and/or mindfulness exercises, it helps to visualize the goals of the game and to train the body to work for a longer time, increasing the stamina in response to physical effort.

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