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FOOD&WELLNESS: a healthy and tasty duo

Food has always been a fascinating topic, and has become more and more important for our health and general wellbeing. In fact, the food we eat becomes part of us: it is our fuel, it gives us energy and hydration. In short, it makes us live.

Here, we want to highlight and explain the existing relationship between the time of the day, the type of activity and the necessary relative nutrition, especially concerning the wellness sector.

What to eat in a spa

Have you ever thought about what might be the ideal food to eat in the afternoon at a wellness center? What are the aspects to consider? Is it better to eat before or after the spa session?

In general, it is not advisable to enter the hot cabins on an empty stomach or dehydrated, because the exposure to dry and humid heat causes our body to consume energy in order to train the cardiocirculatory and respiratory systems and to eliminate excessive liquids through transpiration.

A light meal is what you need! Half an hour before your wellness session, enjoy a simple snack, rich in vitamins, easy to digest and with a minimum caloric intake. For example, nuts. They will give your body the right energy to go through the heat-cold-rest alternation – not only before the session, but even during the relaxion moment to recover the lost vitamins.

Food and seasons

Another important factor to consider is the season, not just because of the right ripening period for fruit and vegetables, but also because of seasonal temperatures. In summer, for example, our body requires more fresh fruit rich in water, to recover the liquids we lose during the day. In winter, on the other hand, nuts and hot drinks, such as teas and herbal teas, are more suitable.

Some simple, healthy and tasty snacks to make the most of your spa session

In spring and in summer:

  • Yogurt with seasonal fresh fruit (like peaches, apricots, coconuts, avocados, bananas) and honey;
  • Carrots, celeries, courgettes, fennels – with a pinch of salt. And don’t forget olive oil, to ensure the assimilation of vitamins!
  • Bruschetta with seasonal vegetables and anchovies.

In autumn and in winter:

  • Yogurt with nuts and honey;
  • Baked bluefish fillet with grilled vegetables (like yellow squash or jacket potatoes);
  • Risotto with vegetables or pasta with tomato sauce.

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