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EPSOM SALTS: health and well-being at home

Would you like to turn the time spent necessarily at home into an occasion of well-being and treating yourself? A warm bath with Epsom salts is what you need.

Epsom salt: what is it?

Espom salt is a mineral belonging to the group of epsomites: from a chemical point of view, it is a heptahydrate sulphate magnesium, which is found in nature and can be artificially replicated.
It is also called “English salt” or “bitter salt”, because of its bitter taste, and it originally comes from Epsom, an English town from which it is commonly named. Despite its original colour can range from greenish to pink shades, what you can generally find on the market in white Epsom salt, that in actually a semi-transparent salt.

What are its benefits?

Epsom salt is soluble and this makes it easy to use.
Its use as nutritional supplement is wide and diverse: from plant and vegetable care thanks to its properties contributing to photosynthesis reinforcement to people well-being as a food supplement or a cosmetic ingredient.

When used as a food supplement, Epsom salt has a positive effect on the treatment for cramp, chronic fatigue, nervousness and stress; moreover, it soothes migraine pains, beyond its beneficial impact on intestinal disorders and slow digestion.
Attention: for food use, we recommend you to always contact your physician in order to receive appropriate instructions regarding dosage and usage patterns.

Your warm bath with Epsom salts

Epsom salt increases water density, thereby allowing your legs to literally “float”, which results in huge benefits regarding venous and lymphatic circulation. Taking a relaxing warm bath with Epsom salts can soothe your muscle and joint pains, while your legs are experiencing a new feeling of lightness, thus conveying to your mind the well-being which is typically associated to a traditional floating therapy.

Thanks to its osmotic action, Epsom salt enhances the drainage of excess fluids: that’s how ankles, knees and thighs rediscover some more defined shapes, while your body eliminates excess toxins and provides new softness and evenness to your skin.
And not only: this simple gesture of “do-it-yourself” well-being is particularly indicated for muscle relaxation after some physical exercise.

Moreover, do not forget that, among its countless beneficial properties, Epsom salt also promotes serotonin production, the smile-generating hormone: we all need it!

Practical tips on how to use it

Here you can find some simple steps that will turn your bath into a moment of health and well-being:

– fill your bathtub
– pour two cups of Epsom salt into the water
– add some drops of fragrance at your pleasure
– dim the lights and, if you like it, light some candles
– choose a background music according to your personal taste
– put your mobile phone on silent mode
– enjoy at least a 20-minute bath

And for those who don’t have a bathtub?

No problem! Epsom salt has several beneficial properties that you may exploit in different occasions:

For your hair; mix your hair conditioner with a teaspoon of Epsom salt, keep it as a hair pack for 20 minutes to make it more voluminous and shiny.

For your face cleansing; mix your cleansing milk with half a teaspoon of Epsom salt, massage it all over your face avoiding contact with eyes and rinse it generously with hot water. Your face will look smoother, softer and brighter.

For your feet; pour half a cup of Epsom salt into a wash tub of hot water and enjoy a nice foot bath. Salt enhances the drainage of ankle stagnant fluids, it soaks the most hyperkeratotic areas and your feet skin will become soft and smooth.

For your body skin; mix your bath foam with a spoon of Epsom salt and massage it all over your body; salt has a delicate scrub effect and your skin will become smooth, soft and more oxygenated.

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