Beauty spa let's revolutionise the traditional beauty treatment

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Discover a new dimension where beauty and wellness combine in one only, exciting, holistic experience. An innovative, scientifically-tested and safe solution to eliminate stress and profoundly regenerate body and mind. A three-element system which, together with its Book of Rituals, revolutionises the traditional body treatment, transforming your wellness centre in an innovative Beauty spa.

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Nuvola, Soffio and Battista

Nuvola, Soffio and Battista enhance the results of body treatments and massages, offering all the benefits of the Dry Float Therapy and of the alternation between hot and cold temperatures, for an experience of profound regeneration of body and mind.

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Wellness Coach

The combination with our Wellness Coach, the interactive system for Brain Training with guided Mindfulness and breathing programs, makes the experience complete and perfectly in line with the requirements of your clients, who are becoming increasingly attentive to the balance between body and mind.

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