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We design areas dedicated to health and body care that complete and enhance the concept of spas realised with innovative technologies and methods validated by scientific research. Facilities that allow you to fully dive in complete Wellness experiences, at any time, even for just a few hours.

We offer professional solutions and rituals for effective beauty treatments that promote the culture of inner – as well as outer, beauty.

Why choose us

Unique identity

Products characterised by exclusive design that make every environment unique and distinctive, giving it value and turning it into a place where beauty and wellness become a ritual.

Scientifically validated rituals

Rituals and methods of use that make every experience unique and become functional tools to maximise the effectiveness of the applied treatments. Procedures that fully support the pursuit of the beauty goal and achieve psycho-physical well-being too. A system that is easy to learn, use, and teach to the new operators, to improve the range of services to offer to your clients.

Courses and training

Effective, complete, and easy-to-teach training courses that make the most of the investment. Our courses are aimed at the constant improving of skills, the correct application of the methods of use, the continuous updating on the most effective management methods and the fulfilment of guests’ needs for wellness and health. Through teaching, we raise the bar of the perceived quality level in the facilities, generating a positive word of mouth.


Knowledge of spaces and materials, as well as in-depth design competence, allows us to develop sustainable solutions that include the combination of the most performing products, on the basis of our clients’ objectives.

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Beauty Care

Aesthetics and functional wellness combined in spaces characterised by exclusive design. Innovative products created to enhance the wellness offer with the guaranteed effectiveness of specific treatments, massages and rituals. Our Beauty Care solutions, supported by scientifically-validated methods of use, customise the Wellness offer giving it a strong identity.

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Health Innovation

Innovative proposals that make the most of the best technology and of the most advanced scientific research to offer moments of physical and mental regeneration. The products of our Health Innovation meet the needs of health and well-being of guests who are increasingly demanding and attentive when it comes to self-care.

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Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna is the ideal environment to relax and release tensions. A welcoming space where the dry climate and the intense heat embrace the body, regenerating body and mind.

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Soft Sauna

The Soft Sauna offers slow and enveloping heat, that will enthral your senses and stimulate body and mind. An innovative space, ideal for alternative wellness programs to the traditional Finnish sauna.

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Steam Room

A moist heat bath for moments of profound well-being and to maximise the effectiveness of treatments. An elegant and unique environment, the result of constant technological innovation, offering superior quality of air and steam.

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Infrared Therapy

The deep heat of infra-red rays is ideal to relax muscles and regenerate the body slowly and in depth. Our solutions for the Infrared Therapy blend perfectly in the spa programs, enhancing the Wellness offer with the best of technological innovation.

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Mediterranean Bath

The Mediterranean bath evokes the great inheritance that was left to us by the Romans, the first who were able to appreciate and exploit the benefits of heat. We propose a place of social well-being, where the stay can be prolonged thanks to the particularly mild and pleasant temperature and humidity.

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Steam Shower

The moist heat of the steam and the regenerating freshness of water combine in an only elegant and exclusive environment. The daily shower becomes a moment of absolute well-being that blends perfectly in the Wellness experience and in the offer of specific treatments.

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Reaction Therapy

An appropriate cold reaction stops the body overheating, making the benefits of the spa experience last. We design the areas dedicated to the Reaction Therapy carefully, to ensure authentic well-being based on the alternation between heat, water and rest.

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Kneipp Therapy

Our products devoted to the Kneipp Therapy guarantee the benefits of the alternation between hot and cold water, giving elegance and emotion to a sensory journey that is made real through the intensity of the colours and the beauty of the design.

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Experience Shower

A special, scented and impressive shower to enhance the Wellness offer with a unique sensory experience. The ideal beginning and end of a spa experience, the evidence to the care and attention devoted to guests.

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The relaxation area must be there in every wellness program, and it requires accurate design. It is right here that the body regains its energy and restores the physiological balance after the alternation betwen hot and cold temperatures.

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Extra Components

To complete the Wellness experience with syle, the extra components are essential functional and aesthetical elements. A plus that defines in detail the exclusive environments developed to enhance and improve the guests’ stay. Complementary additions to live extraordinary experiences.

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Beauty spa

Revolutionise the traditional beauty treatment and transform your wellness centre in an innovative Beauty spa: a sensory program at the heart of a new interpretation of beauty, which differentiates your offer making it unique thanks to its method and results. Beauty Spa combines the Dry Float Therapy with your treatments, for an experience that acts in depth, eliminating stress and offering beauty and balance.

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Beauty & Wellness Area

Beauty connected to wellness is the answer to the will to feel good, with bespoke solutions that have deep effects. Our Beauty & Wellness Area is an exclusive concept combining innovative products and scientifically validated methods to offer you guests all-embracing well-being.

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Sauna Show

Sauna is widely recognised as a rest environment, but it is becoming more and more a place where to enjoy moments of sharing. In particular, large sauna have a special vocation to hosting suggestive and engaging wellness events and experiences. A large sauna for your wellness centre is one of the best choices you can make to take care of your clients and transform their wellness experience in an actual show.

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