Recharge Room for your co-workers' well-being

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CORPORATE recharge jumbotron contr

After hours of mental and physical effort, it’s easy to make mistakes due to fatigue and stress. For this reason, more and more companies are creating spaces dedicated to Power Naps – that is, brief napping to regain energy, which helps increase productivity and focus at work.

The Recharge Room is a contribution to the creation of a healthy, positive and productive workplace: you don’t need much space to allow your co-workers to rest, recharge and regain enthusiasm before getting back to work.

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Zerobody is the innovative solution by Starpool to create an actual Recharge Room in your company. Developed to grant some quality time to psycho-physical well-being, it is the fastest and most effective way to recharge thanks to the Dry Float Therapy combined with audio guide Mindfulness and breathing programs.

Thanks to the regenerating power of dry floatation and to the audio-guide Brain Training programs, you only need 10 minutes to regain your energy, face a particularly challenging work assignment in the best way, or go about your work day with enthusiasm and motivation.