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SPA System

SPA System | spasystem

SpaSystem is the proper method of using the equipment contained in a spa with maximum enjoyment and benefit.

Based on scientific research, Starpool has created five wellness paths, turning into reality what was so far missing in a dream spa.“We wanted to offer a new method of use within the spa so as to achieve every user’s wishes for wellness”.. As a matter of fact, many people frequent wellness areas, not only to fulfill their need to feel good, but also to relax, invigorate, have fun or get purified. For the first time, making a wish and take the suitable path to carry it out will be possible within a spa.
In addition to offering a strong competitive advantage, SpaSystem will simplify the management and promotion of the spa; customers will feel guided and safe through an efficient and well structured organization. Moreover, operators assigned to the spa will have the possibility to participate in training courses made to enhance not only the SpaSystem method, but also what was designed, using all the capabilities of the included equipment.

In practical terms:
● Starpool’s staff will formulate a number of customized paths (minimum 2 – maximum 5) based on the project, the equipment in the spa and the beauty treatments offered in the beauty area
● Each path will be inserted into a guide (customized for each spa) to be delivered to the customer and used along the selected path;
● The staff at the spa (spa manager – estheticians – massage therapists) will be trained with onsite training sessions to optimize the operation of SpaSystem and included equipment.