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SPA Ritual


The emotion of ancient rituals for wellness experiences to remember

A spa should arouse the feelings and be able to create memories of absolute wellness. Inspired by the Nordic tradition of the ancient rituals in sauna, Starpool through SpaRitual offers a new way of experiencing wellness. Rituals are thematic moments planned into sauna or steam bath to enhance their benefits. The “masters of rituals” with their involving movements drive scented steam through the use of towels or fans, performing a ceremony where guests are the protagonists. SpaRitual transforms the wellness experience from being passive to active, emphasizing conviviality. Sauna and Turkish bath thus become meeting places where people can enjoy all the pleasure of warmth and being together by means of reinterpretation of ancient customs, which now have become highly-valued “wellness appointments” inside the spa . SpaRitual now provides a new way to implement the value of the wellness offer, and assists in promoting the spa concept.

In practical terms:
With their strong expertise, the professionals chosen by Starpool are available to
● Organize spa events upon request;
● Organize onsite training sessions for spa operators where to acquire the basis for managing rituals autonomously;
● Provide the operators involved in spa training sessions on Starpool premises with the “Masters of rituals” that transmit technique fundamentals meant to learn real art of entertainment through theoretical and practical courses