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SPA Design

Furniture and architectural consultancy service for creating the right “environment”

SPA Design | exitspa

Today, worldwide Spas and wellnes centers have a more educated clientele expecting to find, in addition to equipment quality, unique environments able to generate strong positive emotions.
Therefore, a Spa must more and more achieve the principle of raising wellness to a new communication plan stemming from the belief that materials, lights and colors combined with functionality can convey feelings and emotions.

The Spa Design must then be comfort-oriented; this is the reason why Starpool, in addition to the functional design of the Spa, provides its customers with an architectural consultancy service, which allows anyone who has not yet identified an architect to rely on the professionals chosen by Starpool with proven experience in this niche sector, collaborating with the company and sharing its approach.
With Spa Design by Starpool, it will be possible to obtain an objective assessment of spaces, better develop the identity of the Spa and rely upon real expert support.

Don’t you know how to make a Spa and start a Spa business?

In practical terms, our Spa Design consultancy will give you:

● The assurance to rely on professional experts not only following the development of the project achievement during the design stage, but also directing and monitoring work until the opening of the Spa

● The anticipation of the final design through complete images and renderings, including the specifications of materials and components selected

● The assurance of a correct dimensioning of spaces and the certainty of a consistent style in the entire Spa

Spa design ideas and solutions

Starpool offers a wide range of saunas, pools and more, even forniture for rest areas such as seats and chaise longues.

They are aimed not only to Spas and wellnes centers, but also to your home: we proudly design Spa environments for everyone, from home saunas to steam baths.

Each one is 100% Made in Italy with passion, quality and focus on design.

Find out more about our Professional Spas or Home Spas!

Feel free to contact us for architectural consultancy, design support or only information.