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Award Winning Design

Italian heart design

For Starpool the esthetic of a product is never independent from its function. At Starpool’s we know the true meaning of the design that made Italy a model in the world that is give a high-level content an attractive shape. This is the reason why the beauty we offer is not seduction, but the result of careful design research. Esthetic attention to detail is expressed in the harmony of the lines, dosed through the application of colors and the use of rational light, and takes on the sense of a deep concern for human wellness, and environment.
Our team of interior designers ensures continuity and expertise. Social trends are monitored to deliver innovation, new materials and technologies, continuous research ensuring long life to the design and functionality of all products.

Award Winning Design | CRISTIANOMINO CRISTIANO MINO:Industrial Designer (I.S.I.A. Rome). Over the years he has worked for Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Suomy helmets, Anthos dental units, Danese, The Colomer Group, and Starpool for which he currently holds the role of art director. For Starpool he has designed SweetSpa, SweetSauna50, SweetSauna90, SweetProfessional and SpaTable. In 2011 he received the Reddot Design Award Best of the Best with SweetSpa and in 2012, the Reddot Award with SweetSaunaPro Vision.
Award Winning Design | Red Dot 2012 win12 2012
was awarded with the reddot design award. SweetSaunaPro Vision is a Finnish sauna carefully designed where tradition is revealed through innovation.
Award Winning Design | Schermata 2012 04 05 a 17.01.50 2012
IItalian Pool Award 2011 – Winning pool “La Dolce Vita Spa”
in San Martino di Castrozza is the “best commercial indoor pool” in Italy.
Award Winning Design | BEST OF THE BEST 2011 2011
was awarded the Reddot Design Award Best of the Best. A complete spa in less than three square meters.
Award Winning Design | Schermata 2012 04 05 a 16.49.08 2011
was awarded the Reddot Design Award. A traditional Finnish sauna in less than 3 square meters.
Award Winning Design | Schermata 2012 04 05 a 17.02.01 2009
was awarded the Innovation Award. Much more than a treatment table.