Steam Bath and Finnish Sauna togheter


Design:Cristiano Mino Two modules create an integrated, functional and welcoming system of wellness: a steam bath (including shower), Finnish sauna/thermosauna that can be used at the same time by several persons. Starpool creates the ideal professional solution for small spa and visitor establishments as well as for all types of domestic environment. The modularity of SweetSpa and SweetSauna90/50 allows you to create your own personalised wellness environment. The various combinations can meet every requirement in terms of space and well-being. Combinations: SweetSpa + SweetSauna90 = Steam Bath with Shower  + Finnish Sauna SweetSpa + SweetSauna50 = Steam Bath with Shower  + Soft Sauna
MeasuresFormaMinimum Ceiling HeightDoor HeightPDFDWG 2D
Min. 372Max. 555230215>>>>

    Technique: Bagno di Vapore + Sauna Finlandese

    MeasuresRequired Power (kw)Cal/Vap. MinCal/Vap Max.TemperatureHumidity
    Min. 3727,27,27,246 - 50°C / 80 - 90°C98% / 10 - 20 %