sauna Infrarossi

SweetSaunaSmart Infrared

Design: Cristiano Mino

The infrared version is a particularly effective, safe and localised heat treatment. The ceramic lamps, filled with lava sand, and the low-temperature infrared technique release heat through the ergonomic seating to heat the body from within. The backrests, fitted with SensoCare® technology, use special thermal sensors to constantly monitor the skin temperature and release the heat while regulating its intensity according to the readings. The absence of any stove means that SweetSaunaSmart infrared can also be installed in complete safety in non-controlled areas such as hotel rooms.

Infrared technology powered by PHYSIOTHERM
MeasuresFormaMinimum Ceiling HeightDoor HeightPDFDWG 2D

    Technique: Lampade Infrarossi

    MeasuresRequired Power (kw)Cal/Vap. MinCal/Vap Max.TemperatureHumidity
    130*1051 Kw1 Kw1 Kw35 - 40°C10 - 20°C
    220*1051 Kw1 Kw1 Kw35 - 40°C10 - 20°C
    105*1051 Kw1 Kw1 Kw35 - 40°C10 - 20° C
    195*1051 Kw1 Kw1 Kw35 - 40°C10 - 20°C
    • More Details: Coatings
      SweetSauna Smart Infrared is a finished product already coated internally. The range includes:

      Coating of the walls:: Natural Oak slats with sawn effect;
      Suspended bench: Oak Thermowood®
      Handle: Wood/Steel

      Coating of the walls: Natural Oak staves brushed alternate with Oak in Thermowood®
      Suspended bench:
      Oak Thermowood®
      Handle: Wood/Steel

      > Door: tempered glass dor - thickness 10 mm - height 87 cm;
      > Bench, ceiling and headrest:
      Oak - Thermowood;
      > Lighting: RGB led bar;
      > Music kit: integratd Spa Music kit - and MP3 audio technology..