steam bath


The latest Starpool trend in the professional field pays homage to those ancient places appointed for personal well-being. This inspiration arises from the Arabic hammams and the ancient Roman baths that, hedonistic yet disciplined, adopted or adapted the best habits from the conquered lands. The return to the past through an intriguing mix of sinuous and soft forms.The use of gold and silver enhances the value of the functional elements such as the steam source, the fireplace with its Mediterranean technique and the wall columns. The detailed working in anodised aluminium moulds these jewels together, giving them force and personality.
MeasuresFormaMinimum Ceiling HeightDoor HeightPDFDWG 2D
195 * 195Rettangolare230215>>>>
285 * 195Rettangolare230215>>>>
285 * 285Rettangolare230215>>>>
375 * 285Rettangolare230215>>>>
375 * 375Rettangolare230215>>>>

    Technique: Cilindro vapore in Korakril® con tecnica brevettata (Air Steam System®)

    MeasuresRequired Power (kw)Cal/Vap. MinCal/Vap Max.TemperatureHumidity
    195 * 1956,56,56,545 - 48°C0.98
    285 * 19512,512,512,545 - 48°C0.98
    285 * 28512,512,512,545 - 48°C0.98
    375 * 28518,518,518,545 - 48°C0.98
    375 * 37518,518,518,545 - 48°C0.98
    • Useful Info: The interior hidden by natural and suffused light<7strong> gives the impression of the threshold to a secret world. The lantern ceilings with their flush lighting recall the beams of natural light that are typical of the architecture found in ancient Turkish baths.

      The careful choise of valuable materials for the coverings together with the latest techniques and technologies, all selected by Starpool, ensure that GlamourSteamPro and GlamourMediterraneanPro offer high levels of hygiene.

      The various coverings available range from the luminous materiality of the ecostone to the magical three-dimensional reflexes of the crystal. The fluted effect of the crystal recalls the classic world of the mosaic (Roman opus) without the need for grouted surfaces.
    • More Details: Coatings GlamourSteamPro is a finished product already coated internally. The range includes:
      ECOSTONE BLACK Coating of the walls: Single sheet of black ecostone Bench: white ecostone Handle: Steel
      ECOSTONE WHITE Coating of the walls: Single sheet of white ecostone Bench: white ecostone Handle: Steel
      OPTICAL BLACK Coating of the walls: Single sheet of black fluted crystal Bench: black ecostone Handle: Steel
      OPTICAL WHITE Coating of the walls: Single sheet of white fluted crystal Bench: white ecostone Handle: Steel
      > Door: tempered glass door - thickness 10 mm - height 87 cm - stainless stell handle; > Aroma: eucaulyptus mixed with placing of steam; > Lighting:: white led bar; > Music Kit: Integrated SPA music kit - and mp3 audio technology.