An homage to the origins of the true Finnish sauna. A journey into the past and the heart of this fascinating Nordic culture. A leap back of a thousand years to a land marked by a cold climate,yet naturally rich in lakes and forests. In GlamourSaunaPro, skilled hands turn simple yet refined raw materials into judiciously detailed ambiences. Glamour because we know how to contrast the rules of the market with the fascination of tradition, a synonym for the quality of the materials and artistic workmanship of design that will satisfy and repay you over time.
MeasuresFormaMinimum Ceiling HeightDoor HeightPDFDWG 2D
195 * 195Rettangolare230215>>>>
285 * 195Rettangolare230215>>>>
285 * 285Rettangolare230215>>>>
375 * 285Rettangolare230215>>>>
375 * 375Rettangolare260215>>>>

    Technique: Stufa Elettrica

    MeasuresRequired Power (kw)Cal/Vap. MinCal/Vap Max.TemperatureHumidity
    195 * 1956,56,56,580 - 100°C10 - 20%
    285 * 1959,59,59,580 - 100°C10 - 20%
    285 * 28512,512,512,580 - 100°C10 - 20%
    375 * 28515,515,515,580 - 100°C10 - 20%
    375 * 37524,524,524,580 - 100°C10 - 20%
    • Useful Info: The various coverings offer not only amazing chromatic effects, but numerous remarkable characteristics. From the Canadian red cedar with its disinfectant, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties, to the black fir that recalls the “Savusauna” or “SmokeSauna” beloved of the Finns, where the absence of a fireplace caused soot to coat the walls and benches.

      The explicit craftmanship is clear from the tenor of the slats that alternate at regular intervals with differing heights that are nevertheless identical at the point where they join the seating. A stylistic choice that has been adopted so as not to visually disturb the geometric continuity of the perfect design.

      A cascade of indirect light illuminates the inside in natural fashion, exalting the purity of the wood for an enveloping effect. A diffuse and homogenous flaring with contrasts of light and shade recalls saunas illuminated in a natural way, with the light filtering through small windows set in the walls.
    • More Details: Coatings
      SweetSaunaPro is a finished product already coated internally. The range includes:
      Coating of the walls: Natural red cedar;
      Bench: Natural red cedar
      Handle: Wood/Steel
      Coating of the walls: Black Fir
      Bench: Black Fir
      Handle: Wood/Steel
      Coating of the walls: Natural Linden
      Bench: Natural Linden
      Handle: Wood/Steel
      >Wall cladding behind the stove: EcoStone Withe (single sheet of white ecostonel); EcostneBlack (single sheet of black ecosone);
      > Door: tempered glass door - thickness 10 mm - height 87 cm;
      > Bench, ceiling and headrest: the same wood for coating of the walls and bench;
      > Safety control: safety device pressure with power switch connected to the control panel;
      > Lighting: white led bar;
      > Music Kit: integrated Spa Music kit - and MP3 audio technology.