Design: Luca Scacchetti
Sleek design and a rich personality for a lounger that gratifies both body and surroundings. Designed with a soft and anatomical line that is a comfortable place to stretch the body with discretion and elegance. The softness of the seat contrasts with the linearity of the oak wood base, conveying lightness and harmony of proportion. Its minimal design is a perfect synthesis of cleanliness, comfort and refinement.
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    1_ABSOLUTE SIMPLICITY The minimal and elegant lines of the whole consist of a single, sinuous surface for the seat and a solid, non-obtrusive base for the structure.
    2_DURABILITY AND STABILITY Two superimposed forms, distinct and visually separate, are connected by robust joints to ensure maximum stability and durability.
    3_LIGHTNESS AND COMFORT A slender yet comfortable mattress, no more than the essential, provides maximum comfort. Bridge is lightweight and easy to carry.
    4_FITS ANYWHERE The enormous versatility of Bridge makes it suitable for any environment: spas, wellness centres, swimming pools, home relaxation areas and even as furnishing for living or sleeping quarters.

    DIMENSIONS:165 L x 72 W x 85 H / 37 Hs
    STRUCTURE:Curved plywood
    BASE: Solid natural varnished oak using varnish that is highly resistant to atmospheric agents
    SEAT:Filling of high-density polyurethane foam covered with padded Dacron
    WEIGHT: 20 kg;