SweetSaunaSmart COMBI 1

SweetSaunaSmart Combi

Design: Cristiano Mino

SweetSaunaSmart Combi ist die perfekte Lösung für die freie Wahl. Sie kombiniert den traditionellen Saunaofen mit den Infrarot-Strahlern für eine lokalisierte Wärmebehandlung in einem Doppelsystem. Damit vereint sie das Beste der beiden Saunawelten und lässt die Wahl zwischen der klassischen finnischen Temperatur (80 / 90 °C) und der sanfteren Infrarot Temperatur (35 / 40 °C). Diese Kombi-Lösung hat in jeder Wellness-Umgebung Platz.
Infrared technology powered by PHYSIOTHERM
DimensionenFormaMinimale Höhe des DachesHöhe portetPDFDWG 2D

    Technische: Stufa Elettrica / Lampade infrarossi

    DimensionenBenötigte Leistungr (kw)Cal/Vap. MinCal/Vap Max.TemperaturLuftfeuchtigkeit
    220*1054,5 kw4,5 kw4,5 kw80 - 90°C / 35 - 40°C10 - 20°C
    105*1954,5 kw4,5 kw4,5 kw80 - 90°C/ 35 - 40°C10 - 20°C
    195*1054,5 kw4,5 kw4,5 kw80 - 90°C/ 35 - 40°C10 - 20°C
    130*1954,5 kw4,5 kw4.5 kw80 - 90°C / 35 - 40°C10 - 20°C
    • Useful Info: PLUS OF PRODUCT

      The internal professional stove heats the bath to the ideal temperature in a few minutes.

      Due to the capacitive keyboard, the use is simple and intuitive: activation and deactivation are immediate; SweetSaunaSmart Combi reaches the optimum conditions for use in a few minutes with low energy consumption (4.5 kW) also compatible with domestic use.

      Installation is quick and safe, even in areas already paved, and wherever there is the minimum space requirements and availability of electricity.
    • More Details: Coatings
      SweetSaunaSmart Combi is a finished product already coated internally. The range includes:

      Coating of the walls:: Natural Oak slats with sawn effect;
      Suspended bench: Oak Thermowood®
      Handle: Wood/Steel

      Coating of the walls: Natural Oak staves brushed alternate with Oak in Thermowood®
      Suspended bench:
      Oak Thermowood®
      Handle: Wood/Steel
      > Wall cladding behind the stove: Crystal White (single sheet of white painted crystall); Crystal Black (single sheeto of black painted crystall); Luxury Calacatta (single slab of marble Calacatta); Luxury Eramosa (single slab of marble Eramosa);
      > Door: tempered glass dor - thickness 10 mm - height 87 cm;
      > Bench, ceiling and headrest:
      Oak - Thermowood;
      > Lighting: RGB led bar;
      > Music kit: integratd Spa Music kit - and MP3 audio technology.